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Magazine Articles:

Some magazines carried occasional articles on the OSI systems.  This is a start at collecting these scattered articles in one place.  Articles are in no particular order.

Title Reference Description
Faster_Basic_for_the_OSI Byte V6N5, May 1981, pp. 236-242 Patches for OSI disk basic to speed up math routines to use the ROR instruction.  Early versions of Microsoft BASIC could not use the ROR instruction due to a ROR bug in early 6502 silicon, fixed in later revisions.

Aardvark Journal:

Issue Highlights
Permission to use Aardvark Material An email from Rodger Olsen, of Aardvark, to Mark Spankus, giving permission to post Aardvark materials, subject to some conditions.
Vol. 1. No. 1. (PDF) Strings tutorial
Vol. 1 No. 2  (PDF) "I met OSI", Variable Names, Data Files, Disk utils, Random Numbers,
Vol. 1. No. 3 (PDF) Screen Clear, Speed in Basic,
Vo1. 1. No. 4 (PDF) Memory saving techniques for BASIC; interfacing a 110-baud teletype; moving directory off of track 12; Random-access files;  Ateroid Race (game listing in BASIC).  Scan contributed by Steve Gray.
Vol. 1. No. 5 (PDF) BASIC troubleshooting.  Killing (horiz.) Overscan on the C1P MOD, blanking vertical overscan
Vol.1 No. 6 (PDF) Machine code utilities
Vol. 2. No. 1 (PDF) Guide to Professional Programming (for OSI);BASICs of machine code; C1P head load/unload mod; C4P color and sound reset mod; Battlefleet; Slashball. Many thanks to Steve Gray for the scan!
Vol. 2. No. 2 (PDF) Adventure writing (part 1); Adding a disk to ROM BASIC system; C1P scrolling inverse video mod (without extra RAM or software patch); mini word processor; improved random access files on 65D; memory relocator; Quick Printer II interface; 10 cent break key mod; break key time delay; flight of the millenium falcon. Many thanks to Steve Gray for the scan!
Vol. 2. No. 3 (PDF) Adventure writing (part 2); Line pointers in ROM BASIC; Making your disk quiet (auto motor off); Standby power for C1/C4; Motor control for C1P (another method); Superboard sound (AY-3-8910); Improvements for random number generation. Many thanks to Steve Gray for the scan!
Vol. 2. No. 4 (PDF) Single step trace program; random access files; Life
Vol. 2. No. 5 (PDF) Putting tiny compiler on a diet; OS65D v3.3 review; Normal keyboard input routine(s); parallel printer interface; C1P ROM expansion; function plotter; home budget program; Alien Rain; Aardvark Journal Index. Many thanks to Steve Gray for the scan!
Vol. 2. No. 6 (PDF) C1P Cheap disk; Reverse vid for C1P; RS232 for C4P; Another look at OS65D v3.3;
Linking Asm files; Memory Map
Vol. 3. No. 1 (PDF) Peeks and Pokes; disk buffers; hiding ML routines; Saving ROM BASIC programs on disk; BASIC PLUS (C1P) Screen print; C1P Video Mod II on disk systems; 6502 OP CODE table generator; RS232 and 110 baud mods for C4P; Rubik's Cube; Yet another joystic interface. Many thanks to Steve Gray for the scan!
Vol. 3. No. 2 (PDF) OS65D Review; WP-6502 relocation; Machine Lang Monitor; WPII 6502; Screen Displays; Hints on Video Swap; Fast Screen Clear; Baud Selector; Music for C1P; C1E installation; Recovering Programs; Disk Switch Hints; C1S ROM Tips; Enterfacing the 502; Re-Line Delete; Savign Space using Variables; Clutter for OSI; Text editor for C1E; Correction to Alian Brain; "Explosion" program; and more,"" Many thanks to Rene Chaddock for the scan!
Vol. 3. No. 3 (PDF) Relocating WP6502 part 2; Music for C1P; Video patch for 65D; Command Modifications 65D; BASIC speed enhancer and replace LET with screen clear (SCL); disk BASIC program compressor; locating bad 2114 chips; structured programming techniques; ping pong; pool game. Many thanks to Steve Gray for the scan!

Aardvark application notes:

Issue Highlights
Aardvark Data Sheet - Command Files "How to use BASIC command files on 65D Disk Systems" - Contributed by Graeme!
Aardvark_Data_Sheet - Edit Programs w Files "Use of 65D Disk Data Files for editing BASIC programs" - Contributed by Graeme!
Aardvark_Data_Sheet Multipurpose Sort "A Multiple Purpose Memory Sorting Subroutine and Application Examples" - Contributed by Graeme!

Aardvark Catalog:

Issue Highlights
Nov 1979 I believe, the first Aardvark catalog.  Listings for game of life.  Handy memory locations.  Tips & tricks ("PRINT AT" functionality; some POKEs you should know; Easy key detection; utility to print referenced line numbers; input without scrolls; print without scroll.
Jan/Feb 1981 Introducing Aardvark adventures, various ROMs and video mods. Contributed by Steve Gray.
Nov 1981 More new products:  Introduces Galaxia, Microsoft source code, some business apps (in BASIC).  Contributed by Steve Gray--thanks!
May 1982 This is a later catalog.  Still mostly OSI stuff, including Tiny Compiler, utilities, and newer adventure games.  Also includes TRS-80 and Radio-shack Color Computer items.  Scan contributed by Steve Gray.


I have managed to acquire a nearly complete collection of Peek(65) issues, due to some lucky Ebay finds, and also in no small part due to a generous contribution from Earl Morris (who was a pioneer at the vanguard of OSI hacking, and whose hacks and articles you will see often in the pages of Peek(65) (Thanks Earl!); and also thanks to scans contributed by Graeme from the UK (Thanks Graeme!).  I finally managed to include all the links on this page, so you can browse these journals.  They are chock-full of great technical info, hacks, mods, tips, and tricks.  I, of course, read through all the journals when I first received them a good while back, but never cataloged them after scanning.  I have attempted to go through all the journals, highlighting some of the really interesting and relevant articles.  Since I never really used OS65U, my personal bias is toward ROM and OS65D-based systems, and also, I have a bit of a blind-spot for OS65U and business applications, so if you are into those things, you may see some good stuff that I omitted.  If you find an article that belongs in the highlights,  or if you care to contribute highlights for an issue I have not yet reviewed, then by all means, please (PLEASE!) send me an email (or post in the forum.)

PEEK(65) is particularly interesting because it spans from the beginning of 1980 through 1987, and you can see the plight of OSI users unfold, and yet the optimism and resourcefulness of the die-hard OSI users really comes through.  Also, see the article "A History of MICRO Magazine" in the May 1985 for an interesting retrospective that is a microcosm of the era seen through the eyes of an OSI'er.   


Issue Date Highlights
Vol 1 No 1 Jan 1980 1st issue, letters, etc.
Vol 1 No 2 Feb 1980 More letters
Vol 1 No 3 March 1980 Letters; BASIC - OS65U interface rubroutine; GC bug workaround; C2-C3 time sharing; poke list; fast non ML screen clear
Vol 1 no 4 April 1980 More letters from readers with tips, etc.
Vol 1 No 5 May 1980 Basic WAIT command; 8K basic optimization; letters
Vol 1 No 6 June 1980 Letters from readers
Vol 1 No 7 July 1980 Monte Carlo; morse code practice; better random number generator; The USR(X) routine
Vol 1 No 8 August 1980 Silicon City (column); Long string input for OS65U; Cheapie Superboard II expansion (See erata, v2n6); baud rate select circuit
Vol 1 No 9 Sept 1980 letters; Systems programming note on 65U stepping rate; defeating OS65U screeen pos. loc. 22; OS65U file header
Vol 1No 10 Oct 1980 Mislabeled as "Vol #10".  Rumors: OSI announces Fixed BASIC-in-ROM available "Real Soon"; OSI said to be working on "16-bit machines" available "in 6 months to a year"!!!; Modifying Aardvark editor; Cold start/crash recovery; C1/SBII keyboard "get" routine; 
Vol 1 No 11 Nov 1980 Modifying the OSI C1P video display; letters
Vol 1 No 12 Dec 1980

First issue with Table of Contents; Add FLAGS to BEXEC*; OSI Sold!!; Location of ROM routines on C1P/SBII,

"Print AT" hides in BASIC; 

Vol 2 No 1 Jan 1981 OS65U I/O hacks; peek/poke hacks; OS65D print enhancements; index for vol. 1
Vol 2 No 2 Feb 1981

C4 hacks: CEGMON ROM install, sound & speaker, high-res graphics, rs232 port, 4 extra I/O ports; Modify your B&W TV to reduce overscan

Assembler Programmer's guide to OSI interfacing: 470 board, 500 board, 510 board, 430 board

Vol 2 No 3 March 1981 Detailed article on GC bug w software workarounds & EPROM fixes; cassette program autoload utility
Vol 2 No 4 April 1981

Two dollar BSR X-10 interface; letters; C1P dumb terminal

Assembler Programmer's Guide: 550 board (CA-10),  CA-9

Vol 2 No 5 May 1981

Graphics char enable/disable utility for OS65D; Indirect files for Program Transfer; C1P/SBII expansion sockets

Assembler Programmer's Guide: CA-9D PIA

Vol 2 No 6 June 1981 Long file names in OS65Dv3; more GC bug fix stuff; modify ROM BASIC prompt; errata for C1P expansion in v1n8; C1 output processor;
Vol 2 No 7 July 1981 Basic extensions -add shortcut keys; Add call function; Parallel printer driver for OS65/U
Vol 2 No 8 August 1981 Hack to make code using C1 vectors run on a C2/4; SB II to card-cage expansion; 
Vol 2 No 9 Sept 1981 Dumb terminal emulator; extended monitor review; letters
Vol 2 No 10 Oct 1981 Calls from FBASIC compiler; OS65D3 tips&tricks;
Vol 2 No 11 Nov 1981 OS65D3 tips&hacks--mods to use all 13 sectors/track instead of 11 ; screen formatting techniques; extended USR(x) revisited; port 8 driver in OS65; Interfacing a shugart SA400 drive to an OSI; 
Vol 2 No 12 Dec 1981 Add an 8-inch floppy to the C2/C4; TTL tutorial; Peek(65) Index for1981/vol 2
Vol 3 No 1 Jan 1982 OS65Dv3.3 review; Real-time keyboard poll based on hidden ROM routine; playing with C4p screen window (OS65D); WP3 review; Auto-start program w CP/M
Vol 3 No 2 Feb 1982 USR(X) tutorial; Hexdos review; OS65DV3: Two random-access files at once; Ultimate screen clear; Video board ROM character editor
Vol 3 No 3 March 1982 More OS65D tips/tricks; Another Disk BASIC warm start method; Misc C1P information;
Vol 3 No 4 April 1982 C4P upgrade story; Add Okidata printer to C1P; sorted DIR for OS65D3;
Vol 3 No 5 May 1982 OS65U v1.42; Moving Machine code into DOS memory space (OS65D); Correctly display long lines on C1 with OS65D; ROM routines; OS65D vs HEXDOS comparison; Notes on OS65Dv3.3; Emulating the monitor ROM (hard/soft hack); 
Vol 3 No 6 June 1982 OS65U thoughts; some hardware hacks; automatic head load/unload for OS65Dv3.2; Add 2K RAM to your 540B; single disk copy utility (description; code next issue);
Vol 3 No 7 July 1982 Listing for single disk copy utility; Workings of ROM BASIC; Dual MP B-51 drives with single data separator;
Vol 3 No 8 August 1982 (various) Quick fixes for ROM BASIC; spool; OS65D patch for the C1P 64-char mod; Duo Quong Fok Lok Sow WP6502 v1.3a review
Vol 3 No 9 Sept 1982 Quick fixes for ROM BASIC part 2; Add Siemens 8" drive; OS65Dv3.3 Guide; 
Vol 3 No 10 Oct 1982 Add Siemens drive, part 2; Screen unclutter program; BASIC input routine; Selectric interface; 
Vol 3 No 11 Nov 1982 C1P corner; hybrid disk directory sort; Note on CEGMON from authors; Use your computer for TV convergence adjustments;
Vol 3 No 12 Dec 1982 Workings of BASIC: immediate mode; Save machine lang. programs on OS65D;
Vol 4 No 1 Jan 1983 Workings of Basic Executive (BEXEC*); Monitor upgrade - replacing ROMS with 2716 EPROMS;

Vol 4 No 2

Feb 1983 BASIC:Delete block of lines; C1P parallel printer interface, with OS65D driver; Directory restore for OS65D; add 8K RAM to C1P; Fun with OSI's telephone interface.
Vol 4 No 3 March 1983 C1P memory map; hex loader in BASIC; letters include a no-mod adapter for replacing ROMs with 2716
Vol 4 No 4 April 1983 Read / copy OS65D disks to HEXDOS; Improved cold start for BASIC in ROM; add volume ID to OS65D disks; C4P/C8P errata review; 
Vol 4 No 5 May 1983 BASIC internal format; Indirect files in OS65D; BASIC extension processor for BASIC in ROM; How to build a Data Separator and use it with Shugart drives.
Vol 4 No 6 June 1983 C3/OS65U timeshare; Random titbits/notes on OS65D; Microsoft BASIC interpreter vs FBASIC compiler; right-justified WP6502 text
Vol 4 No 7 July 1983 C1P disk boot routine; semi automatic file creation utility; A (corrected) 1-track (2K) BEXEC*; using C1P in a small business;
Vol 4 No 8 August 1983 Fig Forth review; Baud rate mod for the C1P; C1P expansion; Disk RPM timer - This is a really useful program you can use to adjust your disk speed if you don't have an oscilloscope. ; 
Vol 4 No 9 Sept 1983 Extended monitor additions; OS65D extended monitor fixes, odds, ends for C1P MF; optimizing Microsoft BASIC programs, part 1;
Vol 4 No 10 Oct 1983 TECO on OSI (TEC65) review; OSI software list; letter from user who bought a used C2-4P, and was surprised to find OSI out of the personal computer biz!
Vol 4 No 11 Nov 1983 Superboard/C1P EPROM programmer; relocating WP-6502; machine language DIRECTORY program for OS65D; continued list of OSI software;
Vol 4 No 12 Dec 1983 Word Processor (in BASIC) for OSI (this looks like a line-oriented editor); The 2716 and other myths (using the 2716 EPROM); relocating WP-6502, part 2 (Adding a printer routine.); Hooks into BASIC v1.8
Vol 5 No 1 Jan 1984 Relocating WP6502 (part 3); hooks into BASIC; Superboard expansion; Pretty good letters section, including yet another data separator, confirmation that you can't boot a C2/4/8 system with a C1P OS65D disk (and vice versa); 
Vol 5 No 2 Feb 1984 extend OSI BASIC in ROM (add ELSE, CALL, CLS, OLD; requires ROM mods); OS65D BASIC cross-ref program (in Assembly); Parallel port interface for C1P/Superboard; A Full 32/64 x 32 character mod for the C1P/superboard, with guardbands (Requires ROM or OS65D mods); Letters include a fix for the ROM BASIC input bug for >8K system.
Vol 5 No 3 March 1984 "OLD" (recover from "NEW") for ROM-BASIC; Install a non-OSI single sided 40-track disk drive on the C1P; Expanding the C1P/Superboard II with an 8K RAM board; OS65D BASIC cross-ref generator (in assembly), part 2; software/firmware mods for the C1P 32/64 character mod (described in Vol 5, no 2); A user's thoughts on a more competitive next-generation Challenger computer; 
Vol 5 No 4 April 1984 Expand the C1P with a 44-pin 8-slot motherboard; "DELETE ALL" disk utility in BASIC for OS65_D;
Vol 5 No 5 May 1984 Tandon 8" disk with C1P; Minimal hardware mod (1 wire) Real-time clock using NMI; EPROM monitor extensions; 24K RAM/EPROM card for the C1P 44-pin expansion bus (described in vol 5 no 4); Sound output for original C1P/superboard (via keyboard port); 
Vol 5 No 6 June 1984 Disassembly and commenting of C4P ROM keyboard routine; double sided drives with OSI 505 CPU card; EPROM programmer; Interface a cheap C64 modem to OSI
Vol 5 No 7 July 1984 Optimism about ISOTRON; Add printer driver to UCSP p-system; DOS/65 Review--This is a complete CP/M-like OS for multiple 6502 systems, including OSI, replete with utilities, even BASIC-E for 6502!  Detailed review; 6502 Assembly programming tutorial; Printer ports and OSI disck BASIC; 
Vol 5 No 8 August 1984 Review of DOS/65, part II--BASIC/E; 6502 Assembly programming tutorial, part II; OS65V ROM routines commentary, part 3; Dual hard disk drive mod; TEC65 (TECO-like editor) review; 
Vol 5 No 9 Sept 1984 6502 assembly programming tutorial, part 3; OSI ROM routines, part 4; Disk BASIC garbage-collection optimization; Combined directory utility program for OS65D
Vol 5 No 10 Oct 1984 6502 assembly programming tutorial part 4; OSI ROM routines, part 5: Serial boot routine.  Ad from ISOTRON "OSI Hackers Bonanza" featuring firesale prices: C1PMF(20k) for $150; C4PDMF(48k) for $350; Hazeltine 1420 for $250, lots of bare boards for $5 each!; Line editor for OS65D v3.2 BASIC; list of OSI software; mods for WP6502; keyboard routine fix to avoid system lockups; 
Vol 5 No 11 Nov 1984 6502 Assembly programming tutorial part 5; OSI ROM routines, part 6&7; OSI software list; 
Vol 5 No 12 Dec 1984 Misprinted as Vol 6 no 12.  The new OSI/DBI multiprocessing 6502 machine; 6502 Assembly Language programming tutorial, part 6; Review of the Color+ hires color graphics card for OSI; Output halt patch for OS65D assembler/editor; INDEX for 1984
Vol 6 No 1 Jan 1985 6502 Assembly Language programming tutorial, part 7; Accelerating line-number searches during execution for OS65D Disk BASIC; Yet more thoughts on a next-generation 65816-based OSI computer; $29 modem for OSI;  Note on running OSI boards from the 600 board at 2MHz (needs extra buffering); 
Vol 6 No 2 Feb 1985 "Resource Part I": Techniques and tools (BASIC listings provided) for mapping / reverse-engineering / disassembling machine language programs (originally in the July 1982 Compute!); 502 Assembly Language programming tutorial, part 8; Variable lister for OSI ROM and Disk BASIC; 
Vol 6 No 3 March 1985 "Inside OSI"-OSI hardware architecture overview--backplane pinout; 502 Assembly Language programming tutorial, part 9; "Resource Part 2": More tools for assembly reverse engineering with listings; Review of the Color Plus video board, by Earl Morris; 
Vol 6 No 4 April 1985 More "Inside OSI" - hardware architecture notes - printer and modem ports; Interfacing IBM signle-sided disks (incorrectly called "SASI" in the title) to your OSI, including the account of debugging the mod, and comments on supporting double density and double-sided drives; Errata/corrections for "Resource" parts 1 & 2, from Feb and March 1985; OSI disk BASIC maps: routine jmp/jsr table, zero page usage table, memory table; Reader Survey Results; A mini-LOGO interpreter in BASIC; 
Vol 6 No 5 May 1985 Binary encoding and bit detection of keyboard characters; OS65D: Turning Floppy drives off (head load mod); How to put a BASIC program at any address; A History of MICRO magazine; MINOS tools for tape to disk program conversion; another addendum on the "Resource" listing from Feb/March 1985; 
Vol 6 No 6 June 1986 Layman's guide to machine code programming for OS65U; OS65U programming aids; Another C1P keyboard algorithm; 
Vol 6 No 7 July 1985 OS65U programming aids, part 2; "The OSI-68000 system", an interesting account of attaching the Digital Acoustics 68000 board (for Apple II) to an OSI system; "Silence your disk drive"-Using a 1-shot to enable the disk motor when it's being accessed, and disable when not in use.  Describes C1P mods; Screen dump for disk-based systems; "BASIC speed and line numbers" -  optimizing basic GOTO's and GOSUB's; FORTH on OSI;
Vol 6 No 8 August 1985 Using "Resource" for mapping machine code with C2-4P and OS65D; Essential OS65U subroutines; Improving OSI floppy reliability by providing head-unload; "Silence your hard drive"--apply the motor-spin-down mod described in the July 1985 issue to a C2/4/8 MF.; More FORTH; Tape-to-disk conversion, example: "Depth Charge"; Letters contains a correction for the MINOS tape-to-disk tool from May 1985; 
Vol 6 No 9 Sept 1985 Guide to machine-code programming on OS65U, part 2; "OSI beats IBM PC": a friendly benchmark competition pits 2MHz C1P against original PC; sort algorithms; Head Load mods for DUAL disk drives; 
Vol 6 No10 Oct 1985 Time routines in C for CA-20 board (running OSI CP/M);  Software bug in OS65D V3.3 boot routine (causes hang), along with a fix; CEGMON linker for OS65D
Vol 6 No 11 Nov 1985 Controlling CA-20 clock with FORTH; Troubleshooting your OSI when it won't clear the screen on RESET; Simplified 5.25" dual-drive head unload; OS65D V3.3 bug revisited (code for the patch); Useful memory locations in OS65U
Vol 6 No 12 Dec 1985 HEXDOS utilities; OS65U data files and other mysteries; Index for 1985
Vol 7 No 1 Jan 1986 Direct Boot assembly code from track 0; screen dissolve utility for C1P; OSI keyboard notes; multi parameter USR(x)(y)(z). . .; FDUMP implementation Beta/65 language review;  OS65U data files and other mysteries Part 2
Vol 7 No 2 Feb 1986 Fix for a common 5.25" driver interface problem--Read this if your drive is having booting issues (track 0 test programs at end of the issue); OS65U data files and other mysteries part 3; 
Vol 7 No 3 March 1986 Windowing with OS65D v3.3; Interfacing a disk drive with the D&N CM9, part 1; 
Vol 7 No 4 April 1986 String Swap for 65D BASIC; Interfacing a disk drive with the D&N CM9, part 2; Notes on aligning the MPI B51 disk drive; "Letters" section contains an insightful commentary and wishlist for improvements for OS65D v3.2, and comments on why the writer preferes 3.2 to 3.3; 
Vol 7 No 5-8 May-Aug 1986 16-bit 6502 upward-compatible processors (65802, 65816); OSI 540 Board video driver w/ windows and color for OS65; OS56D Cross-reference utility; random number generator; challenger 4x4 block characters.  OSI assembler symbol table dump;
Vol 7 No 9 Sept 1986 DDSD disk interface; DMS65D Mailer; U-Word, a new word proc.; Add 8K to your C1P. (S)elf-(A)ware-(M)icro.
Vol 7 No 10-11 Oct-Nov 1986 OS65U machine code directory; Speed hints for 65U BASIC;
Vol 7 No 12 Dec 1986 Input Control and the 6850; Remote Break and Boot. Product Description: Becterm. Mortgages and Annuities. Using High-density 5-1/4 inch drives. Color+ Additions. OS-65U Disk Files Editor (Part 1).
Vol 8 No 1-2 Jan-Feb 1987 CxP - a new OSI-compatible board based on 65816; Sleuthing BASIC;
Vol 8 No 3 March-Jul 1987 Tiny BASIC compiler listing (In Microsoft BASIC; it can't compile itself.) ; 
Vol 8 No 4 Dec 1987 LAST issue (to my knowledge):Notes on 65802/65816; OS65U machine code emulator; OS65U grade recording system

Newton Software Exchange

Scanned and contributed by Bill Dromgoole

Issue Highlights
Vol 1 No 1 First issue.  Questions and answers.  Software descriptions.  Project descriptions. 
Vol 1 No 2 Superboard suggestions;  C2-4P comments; 430 I/O board notes;  Software listins and project descriptions
Vol 1 No 3 Note on OSI<->S-100 interface; Polled Keyboard Lunar Lander listing; Dogfight II listing; 
Vol 1 No 4

Fixing USR bug in the C2-4P; touching up cabinets; memory map of RAM chips on C1P/SBII; BASIC error codes; BASIC line renmbering (adapting Compute March 1979 article)

Vol 1 No 5 OSI suspends Small Systems Journal subscriptions; Simple Printer Interface; 440 video board mods; Bombing run (game program listing); software listings.
Vol 1 No 6 OSI at the NCC; New name for an expanded newsletter; New users' groups; C2-4P music program; Superboard II Q&A; Cleaning up some C2-4P problems; Relocatable Scrolling Subroutine; Disk Directory Format Modifications; Interfacing a TTY.

OSI Small Sytems Journal

Issue Highlights
Vol 1 No 1, Jul 1977
Vol 1 No 2, Aug 1977
Vol 1 No 3, Sep 1977
Vol 1 No 4, Oct. 1977
Vol 1 No 5, Nov 1977 Cassette loader, memory transfer; Surface-to-air missile and bomber games; ASCII files under OS-65D.  Thanks to Bill Dromgoole.
Vol 1 No 6, Dec 1977
Vol 2 No 1, Jan 1978
Vol 2 No 2, Mar/Apr 1978
Jumbo Edition

Compute's Gazette



Compute n 7 p. 70

Coded Data for C1P. A very simple way to obfuscate data in BASIC programs.

Compute n 7 p 128

Interfacing KIM/SYM/AIM/OSI with BASIC by Jim Butterfield

Compute n. 8 p. 81

A 6502 Disassembler by Thomas G. Gordon.  Diassembler in BASIC

Compute_n 8_p 83

The First Book of Ohio Scientific Vol I.  Review

Compute_n 8_p 84

A Small Operating System: OS65D The Kernel (Part 1 of 3) by Tom R. Berger

Compute_n 8 p_91

OSI C1P Fast Screen Clears Revisited  By Charles L. Stanford

Compute_n 9 p 86

Double Density Graphing on the OSI C1P by Gary Boden.  BASIC routines for medium-res pixel plots on the C1P.

Compute_n 9_p 88

A Small Operating System: OS65D The Kernel (Part 2 of 3) by Tom R. Berger

Compute_n 9_p 95

Book Review: SAMS Servicing Data for Computer Boards 600 and 610.  Review by Charles L. Stanford.

Compute_n 10_p 87

A Small Operating System: OS65D The Kernel (Part 3 of 3) by Tom R. Berger.  Concluding Remarks

Compute_n 10_p 88

A Six-Gun Shootout Game for the OSI C1P.  By Charles L. Stanford.  BASIC game program.

Compute_n 11_p 110

OSI C1P Control Functions by C.A. Stewart.  ML program to add hotkey functionality.

Compute_n 11_p 114

Double the Cassette Baud Rate of your OSI Superboard II/1P by James L. Mason

Compute_n 11_p 115

Review: HEXDOS 2.3: A disk Operating System for the OSI C1P or Superboard II.  Review by Ronald C. Whitaker.

Compute_n 12_p 90

Through the Fill-the-Buffer Routine (With Gun and Camera) by Kerry Lourash.  A tour of the BASIC-in-ROM routine to fill the keyboard bufffer

Compute_n 12_p 94

FOOTO: FOO Revisited by Charles M. and Michael J. De Santis.  A port of a C1P disk-BASIC program to BASIC-in-ROM--lessons learned

Compute_n 13_p 90

Autoloader for OSI by Charles Stewart.  a BASIC program to read a machine-language program in memory and produce a saveable BASIC program autoload that machine program into memory.

Compute_n 13_p 92

OSI C1P Newspaper Rout Listing Program (Part 1 of 2) by Charles L. Stanford.  BASIC Newspaper route program.

Compute_n 14_p 134

OSI C1P Newspaper Rout Listing Program (Part 2 of 2) by Charles L. Stanford.  Running the BASIC Newspaper route program.

Compute_n 14_p 138

Voracious Butterfly by John Wright.  Visual Demo program.

Compute_n 15_p 101

OSI RS232 Port and the High Speed Printer Interface by Paul Lilly.  Using the ACIA to drive a serial printer at faster baud rates.

Compute_n 16_p 98

Exploring OSI's Video Routine by Kerry Lourash.  The BASIC-in-ROM video routines

Compute_n 16_p 102

String Array Bug by J. Horemans.  Description of the Microsoft string array bug

Compute_n 13_p 92

Calling BASIC Commands From Machine Language Routines by William Taylor

Compute_n 17_p 118

Compute_n 18_p 120

Compute_n 18_p 123

Compute_n 18_p 125

Compute_n 19_p 124

Compute_n 20_p 136

A Small Operating System: OS65D The Disk Routines, Part 1 by T. R. Berger.  Detailed description of the disk drive, track formatting and timing.  Very detailed.

Compute_n 21_p 118

A Small Operating System: OS65D The Disk Routines, Part 2 by T. R. Berger.  Detailed description of the OS65D disk routines.

Compute_n 22_p 203

Compute_n 24_p 122

Compute_n 25_p 130

TOSIE Printout

Issue / Date   


June 1983

Basic speed and line numbers; Real-time clock mod for C1P; Mailing list program for Superboard/C1P; Essay: Why I will keep my OSI (instead of Apple or Coleco).  Scan contributed by Steve Gray.

July 1983

Baud rate generator; Read keyboard without POKE 530,1;Relocating OSI Extended Monitor; Running AY-3-8910 Sound Chip with 2MHz clodk; PLOT BASIC commands; TOSIE HACKER#1 layout. Scan contributed by Steve Gray.

Feb 1984

Disk Operating Systems. Scan contributed by Steve Gray.

April 1984

Fix for a common 5.25" drive problem; RAM at $C800 and $8000; Signed integers; Memtory Test Routine. Scan contributed by Steve Gray.

TOSIE Hacker Fixes

Notes and Fixes for TOSIE Hacker board. Again, thanks to Steve Gray!