C 8P system on eBay

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C 8P system on eBay

Post by BillO » Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:16 pm

CPU unit, keyboard and dual disk drives ... but they want $6000. Just a wee bit too much for my blood.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Ohio-Scien ... SwN81WEdo8
http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Ohio-Scien ... SwFnFWEd74
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Re: C 8P system on eBay

Post by dave » Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:40 pm

It's crazy. It looks like a positive feedback loop where they get high hopes looking at other Ebay listings without checking prices on actual completed sales. Actual sales over the past couple of years show the highest auction for a working OSI system, a working C4P 5" disk system with software, for $1300. Almost all other complete systems have been under $1000. I can't imagine any of these will sell, especially with Grant's growing list of replica boards.

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