Producing OS65D V3.3 disks

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Producing OS65D V3.3 disks

Post by lowrybt1 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:59 am

Are there any members of the forum who would be interested in getting 5.25 diskettes with V3.3 OS65D? I’m set up to make diskettes using an original, realigned MPI-B51 drive with the following installed on the diskette:

OD65D V3.3 with Basic
A very stripped down BEXEC* that “opens" the system
SDCopy (single disk copy program to copy tracks 1-15)--this program is coded for a system with 32k. Can be user-revised for lower RAM amounts
Direct (directory program)

I need to figure out a fair, minimal fee to offset the cost of diskettes, shipping\handling, and effort to restore hardware. Any thoughts on this would be welcome? Also, I’d appreciate any input/insights regarding copyright related to OS65D and the demo programs that came with OS65D.

Next step is to assemble diskettes with some of the OSI demo programs (ex/Blockade, Definite Integral Calculator, Base Ten Converter, Powers, Breakout)
C4PDF w. 24K, 2 x 5.25 MPI B-51 drives
C1P RevB with fully-populated 610 board and A-13. Klyball D-13.
Spares: 600 Rev.D, 610 board, 540A, A-13 with homebuilt data separator, MPI B-51 logic board (w/o data sep module) and mechanicals

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