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Premier Publication and UK Vendor Software and Hardware

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:42 am
by MK14HAK
Premier Publications UK was a major contributor to software and hardware for the UK101/OSI platform in the early 80's. They also produced a monthly newsletter.
I did stumble on a link some time back outlining the history of the company from its beginnings through a name change to Premier Microsystems and eventual move to the 6809 based Dragon computer. I was going to start a topic linking this history together with other info I had. Ive lost the link. It included a B&W pic of their premises in Croydon, London. (?) If you come across it please add to this topic.

They produced quite a number of software titles, ROMs and operating systems including ROMDOS and Vortex DOS. Maybe as much as Aardvark in the US ?

Thanks to Pete and Manuel, UK101 owners on the forum, more ROMS and importantly, manuals and newsletters are coming online. It seems timely to start this topic now and add what we may uncover.
In an attempt to preserve further software and information for the UK101/OSI the following is a list of known Premier software titles and hardware. Hopefully with additional contributions we may further expand our archive.
Other UK vendor lists are also included.

Please update/upload if you have further information or software.

Premier Publications:

News Letters: ftp Reference12-16-15

B1,B3,B4,B5,BX, Toolkit II


Software titles: ftp Mike12-8-15

Word Wizard II, III:
SCOPYM single disk copy
LINK65 OS65D Utility

Operating Systems:

BASIC5 titles:

Master Pack Three (B5): Hyper Block,Scrabble,Spy Trap
Master Pack Seven (B5) : Executive Jigsaw,Square Solitaire,Nine-in-a-line
Master Pack Ten (B5) : Flak,Splat,Twogether
Master Pack Eleven (B5): Calendar,Days,Games scoreboard,BDH Converter,Alpha Sort
Master Pack Thirteen (B5): Biorythms,Diet,Weight
Master Pack Fourteen (B5): Codebreaker,Scrambler,Line up four.

BASICX titles:


Kamikaze Invaders ... ?f=8&t=287
Super Fruit Machine
Twix Twister
Warp War
Alien Stronghold


TES: Total Expansion System. 8 slot mother board 40PDIP J1 equivalent.
Sound: AY-3-8910, VIA x2 56 I/O lines
Programmable Character Generator $E000-$EFFF
MKII Programmable Character Generator
SEK: Screen Enhancement Kit. 10 screen sizes, inverse, No track cuts! and no J1 useage
Memory 32K:
8KRAM: 2114 , 40PDIP
8KEPROM: 2716x4
Mini ROM/EPROM: 2716x3, B1,2,3 sockets re addressed
J1 Buffer:
J1 Expansion:
FDC: Single and dual sided, 5" , 8"
High Speed Cassette:

Other UK vendors and sources:

Chromosonic Electronics:
Mutek: BASIC6 T.Shaw
Marick Software:
Sound Card MN01:
PSG Experiment: Original Marick Software on FTP

Practical Electronics:

Re: Premier Publication and UK Vendor Software and Hardware

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:48 am
by MK14HAK
Thanks for the Premier News letter scans Pete. I have rotated, merged and uploaded them. ftp Reference12-16-15
Some good reading here. e.g One point re BASIC speed.
BASIC speed.jpg
BASIC speed.jpg (15.45 KiB) Viewed 3847 times
I wish we could get hold of these also: OSI/UK User Group Newsletters: :mrgreen:
They were published by the Cegmon authors and were a mine of information too.