Differences between OS65D V3.2 and V3.3

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Differences between OS65D V3.2 and V3.3

Post by lowrybt1 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:31 am


Can anyone clarify:
1. what the appropriate calls are for loading\executing the track zero copy utility on V3.2 and V3.3 5" disks (C4PMF)?
2. are the directory tracks/sectors the same for both V3.2 and V3.3 (5" C4PMF)?

Thanks. T
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Re: Differences between OS65D V3.2 and V3.3

Post by Andis » Sat May 13, 2017 10:49 pm


For calling TRACK0 on my OSD65 Ver3.2, after EXITing to DOS (A* prompt), I have written a note in my User Manual that it should be :
"CA 0200=13,1 then "GO 0200".
The reason I say "should be" is that my C4PMF hangs when i try to "GO 0200". I believe that my TRACK0 file, on Track 13, is corrupted on both my regular boot disk and my Backup boot disk (I just unpacked the computer a week ago after 35 years of storage and it took me a few days to get it back up and running, so I have little memory of what shape the disks are in. Also,in trying to copy files between disks i have noticed a lot of tracks are un-writable, even after an INIT). Or it could possibly be Track 1, Sector 2 which I believe contains the routine that is run when you perform the above command.

As for the Tracks and Sectors being the same between the 2 versions, I ran the WinOSI 6502 Emulator, loading a Ver 3.3 IMG and then running the RUN"SECDIR" on the Emulator and the same on my C4PMF running Ver 3.2, and the Tracks/Sectors do not appear to be the same, though that statement can't be construed as definitive :-). I have some screen shots of both the sets of outputs if you're interested.

I'd like to see if the TRACK0 program is corrupted, or maybe, based on some reading, track 1 - sector 2 is corrupted.

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Re: Differences between OS65D V3.2 and V3.3

Post by MK14HAK » Thu May 18, 2017 11:35 pm

Welcome Andis,

V3.2 Copier/TK0 Util Tk13,1 (01,2 on some disks? 8" )
V3.3 Tk0 Util Tk 6,4

Call $200 (not Cegmon -reloc @ $0300)
Use WinOsi save code tools.Disassemble. osilod. ...

Good luck.
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Re: Differences between OS65D V3.2 and V3.3

Post by Andis » Sun May 28, 2017 3:30 am

Thanks Mike, Glad to be here. Still not sure what is causing the track0 zero issue. I did call in the COMPAR program which has a TRACK0 zero utility built into it (with a call 0200=39,1; call 2000=39,2; and then went to 'go 0200 -- EDIT: Just to clarify, The COMPAR is at 39,1 & 39,2. If you then select the Track Zero Copy, COMPAR calls 13,1, then the go 0200). The program came up fine, with both the compar option and the track0 write option. Everything went fine when I selected the track0 option, i.e. place original, place system, place copy. Only after I placed the copy and when the program issued the 'go 0200', it hung.

Oh well, I REALLY didn't want to get into trying to use the WinOSI and go through disassembly etc. I'm not sure I even have my serial ports hooked up (assume id do).

Anyways, I had just finished testing the audio and was shooting a screen shot of the "final product" (attached) and was DONE, and the computer just went dead (no fan, anything). I'll post for help in a few days. Just too frustrated after i had everything i wanted running smoothly. It was gorgeous on my 51 in Plasma (the only thing i have that will display the video well...). I get the feeling I'm going to have to get (hopefully only) some power supply parts... I'll pull out the Volt Meter Monday....

Have a good weekend :-)
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