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FS eBay: OSI Software

Post by ianoid » Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:54 am


I'm certainly new around here, and (at this point) more of a collector than an OSI user. I recently bought a lot of OSI software that I'm planning to list on eBay tonight. I'm actually keeping one each of everything I found and selling off the spares. I don't have an OSI computer- yet. I'll see how life pans out in the near future and whether I have space given the extent of the rest of my collection. They are super cool.

I prefer to sell person to person, but since I'm unfamiliar with pricing for this stuff, I'm just going to park what I have in my store list some as auctions and wait for someone to bite. I have a number of duplicates of the tape software titles that I'd be happy to sell directly to folks for less than I have them on eBay. I have a couple of the floppies, but no other 8 inch disks. Sorry if my prices are off putting. I'm open to any suggestions, although bear in mind I didn't find these at a garage sale for a pittance and they are not at all common. All of my earnings are recycled right back into more items for my classic computer and video game collection, which isn't cheap these days!

Some of the cassette titles may seem familiar to anyone conversant with recent auctions. I bought a number of tapes from the guy selling that software, and then I managed to buy out the remainder of his inventory, which was not at all extensive, and included no hardware. It wasn't particularly cheap, but there were a few items I was excited to add to my collection that I probably would not have been able to get otherwise, and I figured I could pass along the duplicates.

My auctions and store are at: http://stores.ebay.com/Joystick-Jockeys?_rdc=1 and if you are having any trouble finding the OSI stuff, just go to my store and search for OSI in the store.

Any information about the disks I'm selling would certainly be appreciated. I'm assuming they are operating system type disks, but they are untested.



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