Selling C3-OEM Components

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Selling C3-OEM Components

Post by lowrybt1 » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:21 am


I’m going to be selling a C3-OEM case with backplane and PSU. Probably listing on e-Bay. I also have the 510 board, 470 board configured as a floppy interface, a second 470 (I think) configured as a Centronics interface, some sort of RAM board (maybe a 530 -- need to check) and some sort of multi-interface board.

I’m likely going to hang onto the 470 board (floppy) and the RAM board. The other boards will go up for sale. If you are interested in any or all, please make an offer via private message. I’d love to give these away but my child is going to med school.... need I say more?

C4PDF w. 24K, 2 x 5.25 MPI B-51 drives
C1P RevB with fully-populated 610 board and A-13. Klyball D-13.
Spares: 600 Rev.D, 610 board, 540A, A-13 with homebuilt data separator, MPI B-51 logic board (w/o data sep module) and mechanicals

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